Strategy Name:  TT

TT Strategy is a Technical Trading medium-high risk strategy that trades a mix of pairs with a focus on the EURUSD and Gold. There may also be, at opportune times, trades done with Bitcoin as per the pair of BTCUSD.

The Strategy Provider (Trader) is a very experienced trader that also has been teaching about Forex trading and mentoring other traders for over a decade. He specializes in the Elliot Wave model of trading.

The strategy is traded manually, with a system based on 4 basic pillars. The four basic pillars are the Elliott Wave counts, trends, support resistance and Fibonacci ratios. A few candlestick patterns are also taken into account while making trading decisions at times when obvious opportunities arise..
The direction of a given trade could be towards the trend and at times counter trend.
Maximum risk allocation per trade is targeted to be 5% on the PAMM Master Account equity.  The minimum reward goal for a swing trade would be double the risk taken.


Applicable strategies to trade would be swing, scalp (less frequently), counter trend (aggressive), and at times breakout.

The target risk / reward model is aiming to avoid significant draw-downs, but draw downs of 30-40% should be expected, and profit target is 5-10% monthly.

Entry (Deposits) / Exit (Withdrawals) are processed on (or just after) the 28th of each month. Participants may pre-request transfers in / out of the Strategy ahead of the 28th. It’s important to understand that risk of loss exists when participating in PAMM Strategies, and withdrawals are usually NOT processed until the 28th of each month.

Stop Participation Requests (where all participating funds are withdrawn and participation is Stopped) may be requested mid-month and will be processed as quickly as possible, but done in a manner that best suites the trading of Strategy, in terms of closing positions to enable enough funds to be released, and coordinated with the Strategy Provider.

Performance Fees: 25%

Performance Fees are administered monthly using the high-water mark model, whereby 25% of net gains in a given month are withdrawn from the client PAMM account. If in subsequent months there is any net losses, the account value must surpass the most recently set high-water mark (highest value) before further Performance Fees are applied. Deposits and Withdrawals are also factored into the high-water mark adjustments.

Disclaimers:  Xenia DOES NOT ENDORSE any Strategies or Strategy providers. Xenia DOES NOT offer any investment advice. All clients choosing to mirror a given Strategy must do so based on their own decision. Trading Forex is high-risk, investors could lose more than their initial invested capital.  Past results DO NOT guarantee future performance.