Strategy Name: Streaming

Launched October 2019, the Streaming Strategy offers a conservative to lower risk model, providing both Fixed and Variable monthly returns.

To enable a lower risk management and reliable monthly returns, the Streaming Strategy, blocks and restricts funding allocations for Forex trading at any given time to a 10% to 30% range, and the trading model applied aims for lower risk Swing/Scalping Forex Trading. Approximately 70% to 80% of the funding is blocked from Forex Trading for protection and cash management.

At the beginning of each Month, that month’s projected Fixed Return for the strategy will be posted on this description page.  The Variable return from the Forex trading will accumulate during the month.  The Streaming Strategy aims for 1-4% monthly return range,

Strategy Performance Reporting:




Disclaimer:  Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Minimum deposit required into this Strategy is $5,000 USD

Minimum time frame of participation is 3 months

Performance Fees: 15%

Performance Fees are administered monthly using the high-water mark model, whereby 15% of net gains in a given month are withdrawn from the client PAMM account. If in subsequent months there is any net losses, the account value must surpass the most recently set high-water mark (highest value) before further Performance Fees are applied. Deposits and Withdrawals are also factored into the high-water mark adjustments.

Entry (Deposits) / Exit (Withdrawals) are processed on specific dates to be set for each period.. Participants may pre-request transfers in / out of the Strategy. It’s important to understand that risk of loss exists when participating in PAMM Strategies, and withdrawals are usually NOT processed until the Entry/Exit is processed each month on or around the 28th of a given month.  Significant value withdrawals may take 1 to 2 months to process, if funding from the Streaming allocation is required.

Stop Participation Requests (where all participating funds are withdrawn and participation is Stopped) may be requested mid-month and will be processed as quickly as possible, but this is done in a manner that best suites the trading of Strategy, in terms of closing positions to enable enough funds to be released, and coordinated with the trading team. When this will be done is also a matter of if the participant has participated longer than the minimum 3 month suggested period.

Potential Draw-Downs are possible with Forex Trading.  Although traders will work hard to avoid major trading losses, there is always the risk of and it is a normal part of Forex Trading for there to be draw downs while trading is active. Participants should expect to see 5% to 10% draw down with the Streaming Strategy, and higher draw down levels are possible.

Disclaimers: Xenia DOES NOT ENDORSE any Strategy or Strategy provider. Xenia DOES NOT offer any investment advice. All clients choosing to participate in following a given Strategy must do so based on their own decision. Trading Forex is high-risk, investors could lose more than their initial invested capital. Past results DO NOT guarantee future performance. Those participating should only invest capital they can risk losing. With normal volatile market movements, there is risk of trading losses to be significant. Past results and risk management does NOT guarantee future results or downside loss protection.